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Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy has been the number one selling spirit in Maine for more than 20 years. This popular spirit is produced by M.S. Walker of Somerville Massachusetts.  Many Mainers inquire about purchasing stock in the company, however, they are not able to since M.S. Walker is a fifth generation family business.  M.S. Walker feels fortunate that the people of Maine support the brand and appreciate its outstanding taste.  In appreciation, the company has been active in sponsoring local events and charities in Maine.

Why is this brand so well loved?

Coffee is extremely popular throughout New England.  People in Maine love coffee and products with a genuine, pronounced coffee flavor.  Allen’s probably has the truest coffee taste.  Coffee liqueurs and some other coffee flavored brandies tend to be sweet, Allen’s focuses on the coffee flavor not additional sweetness.  Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy uses a natural extract from Brazilian coffee beans.

People in Maine have found that Allen’s CFB makes the perfect sombrero.  Sombreros were first made with coffee brandy, sombreros made with coffee liqueurs came later.  Consumers may also consider Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy to be a great value as opposed to imported coffee liqueurs.

Allen’s CFB is proud to be the number one spirit in Maine.  Allen’s CFB appreciates having some of the most loyal customers in the world.   Allen’s CFB customers span generations and the product has crossed all regions of the state from fishing villages to downtown Portland.


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